Olga with the hands of magic!

I had just moved to The Netherlands from the United States when I had met Olga. During that time I had no sense of reality or comfortability. I was completely lost in a foreign country where I didn’t know the language, the culture, and everything was different. I was searching for balance and stillness within my anxious self. From the second I entered the treatment room I felt a calmness and ease from her presence. She radiated a positive vibe and I instantly felt I was where I needed to be. When she began, I could feel the release of energy as she moved over my body. At one point the therapy became so intense that I became very dizzy, I opened my eyes and breathed a bit heavier and then it was gone. It was the release of toxins harbored within, followed by a feeling of relief, peace and internal silence. My mind and body were still and calm and whole again. It felt as if I were enclosed in a blanket of warm fuzzy tingles. The days to follow I was completely relaxed and glowing positivity. I highly recommend all her treatments, for me Cranio is my favorite and I look forward to another session!
Amy Tebarts

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